Become a Stakeholder

Enhance your summer camp experience by becoming a member of our loyalty program. Units that join will receive 15% off all purchases on our online store, receive early arrival for free, and can rack up credits for referring other units. Credits can be used for online purchases and for summer camp fees for both youth and adults!

15% off

Member units receive 15% off all purchases at our online store. Our online store features camping equipment, camp apparel, care packages, and other specialty items.

Free Early Arrival

Stakeholders are eligible to check-in on Saturday for no additional fee, giving them an extra day to spend in the Black Hills.

Credits for Referrals

For each youth or adult that a stakeholder unit refers to Medicine Mountain, they will obtain a credit of $10 to be used towards camping fees and online purchases. See stakeholder program rules below.


Unlimited Credit Potential & Savings

CALL 605-342-2824
to become a stakeholder

Stakeholder Program Conditions

  1. “Stakeholder Units” are units that become members of our loyalty program.
  2. The stakeholder program is only for units attending summer camp at Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch.
  3. A unit must purchase the stakeholder program fee ($15 per person) for all participants attending summer camp; both youth and adult.
  4. Discounts are only available to youth and adults listed on the stakeholder unit’s summer camp registration.
  5. For each youth or adult that a stakeholder unit refers to Medicine Mountain, they will obtain a credit of $10. Credits expire after three camping seasons. For example, your stakeholder unit refers a unit that sends 30 Scouts and adults to Medicine Mountain in 2018. The stakeholder unit will receive $300 to be used towards camping fees or online purchases. These credits will expire at the end of the 2020 summer camp season. Referral credits from multiple units can and will be combined. There is no limit to the number of credits a unit can earn.
  6. Stakeholder units must notify our reservations team if they plan to arrive early 60 days in advance.
  7. Stakeholder units may only earn credits from units that have not attended Medicine Mountain in the past four camping seasons.
  8. Stakeholder units may not refer each other or create a “triangle” or referrals.
  9. Medicine Mountain reserves the right to update program rules. Notification of program changes will be sent out to all Stakeholder units.
  10. If the loyalty program is terminated, Stakeholder units will retain the credits that they have earned up to the termination date.