Customer Service

Providing good customer service is a vital part of a quality experience at Medicine Mountain.

Quality Programs

Put on a quality program and units will come. Not just a saying, but a real-world experience at Medicine Mountain.

Unique Experiences

To say your unit's experience in the Black Hills will be monumental is an understatement.

At Medicine Mountain, philosophy runs through every decision we make. We aspire to extraordinary things, in our summer camp and in our campers, and that message is pervasive and contagious. With this message in mind Medicine Mountain will welcome all Scouts BSA Troops. We look forward to serving all of the youth involved in our youth programs.

Simply put, a well-grounded philosophy will distinguish the great camp from a good camp. At our summer camp, we empower our campers to be more committed to the meaningful moments and attentive to the wonder that surrounds them.

Our objective is to present opportunities that build into a series of personal accomplishments that accumulate during the time campers are with us. The goal is that they return from our summer camp with strong character and an experience of a lifetime.

We know that beyond the incredible activities and instruction at our summer camp, it’s the time in between that really matters. That’s it camping with friends, exploring the Black Hills, mealtime goofiness, and enjoying the simple pleasure of summer – that imprint enduring memories.

Let’s start preparing your unit for a summer of adventure.
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