Why you should join the team at Medicine Mountain

As part of the crew at Medicine Mountain, you’ll impact the lives
of youth and adults as we deliver an exceptional program surrounded by the
beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Free Room & Board

All staff recieve free room and board while working at Medicine Mountain.

Weekly Salary

Medicine Mountain offers competitive pay for seasonal BSA camp staff members.


All team members are provided with transportation to and from the airport and on weekends to see the Black Hills.

Paid Training

Training costs for positions that require specialized training are covered by the camp.

Internship Friendly

Internships can be completed at camp to help you earn your degree.

Experience of a Lifetime

We guarentee working at Medicine Mountain will be an experience that you'll not forget.

Staff since 1976
Years Operating

MMSR Staff Positions

Camp Management Positions
  • Expedition: Black Hills Director (21+ prefer from Black Hills Area)
  • Training Director (18+)
  • Office Manager (18+)
  • Camp Commissioner (21+)
  • Health Officer (21+)
Area Director Positions
  • Handicraft Director (18+)
  • Nature/Ecology Director(18+ college degree or equivalent experience)
  • APEX Director (18+)
  • Shooting Sports Director (21+)
  • Outdoor Skills Director (18+)
  • Hawk Director (18+)
  • Commissary Director (18+ great organizational skills preferred)
Program Instructor & Staff Positions
  • Lifeguard/Aquatics Instructor (16+)
  • Nature/Ecology Instructor (15+)
  • Handicraft Instructor (15+)
  • Shooting Sports Assistant (16+)
  • Rifle Instructor (18+)
  • Shotgun Instructor (18+)
  • Archery Instructor (18+)
  • Apex Instructor (15+)
  • Outdoor Skills Instructor (15+)
  • Hawk Instructor (15+)
  • Trading Post Staff (16+)
  • Commissary Staff (16+)
Camp Operations Positions
  • Assistant Ranger (18+)
High Adventure Positions
  • High Adventure Director (21+)
  • Caving Director (21+)
  • Caving Staff (18+)
  • Backpacking Director (21+)
  • High Adventure Instructor (16+)
  • Climbing Director (21+)
  • COPE Director (21+)
  • COPE / Climbing Staff (18+)
  • ATV Director (21+)
  • Centennial Trail Trek Director (21+)
Counselor in Training Positions (unpaid)
  • Counselor in Training (14+)
We are always looking for more staff which is why we list every postion availble here. If you have any questions about joining camp staff and would like a job description for a postion just call the Black Hills Area Council Office. We are happy to answer your questions.

Please submit completed Camp Staff Applications to Stewart.Smith@scouting.org