Being Prepared for a Great Summer

You’ll never forget your time at Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch. All Scouts know the key to the most fun is being prepared. That’s why we put together this handy guide for you as you plan your summer camp adventure. Use it to make sure you are prepared for every adventure that awaits.

What Scouts Should Bring to Camp

  • Complete Scout field uniform – including shirt, shorts, belt, socks, and t-shirts
  • Activity uniform – Scout shorts and your favorite Scout t-shirts
  • Medical form (Parts A, B, & C) and insurance information. Non-BSA medical forms will not be accepted.
  • All permissions forms – such as ATV waivers and high adventure waivers
  • Extra clothing – socks, underwear, closed-toed shoes, etc.
  • Jacket or sweater
  • Raingear – Scouts still have fun in the rain
  • Sleeping bag or other bedding
  • Tent – Your troop might have Scouts share a tent – check with your unit leadership
  • Cot or ground pad
  • Swim suit
  • Soap, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels (bring extra!), and other personal items
  • Sunblock and insect repellant
  • Scout handbook, merit badge books, pens, pencils, and notebooks
  • Camera, compass, flashlight, and other camping items
  • Day pack or small tote bag
  • Money for snacks, gear, and souvenirsĀ at the Trading Post (about $70 is the average amount)
  • Personal footlocker or Troop lockbox to secure valuables (optional)

What Units Should Bring to Camp

  • Troop flag
  • American flag
  • Stapler & thumbtacks
  • Magic markers
  • Extra tarps
  • Props for favorite skits
  • Assorted hand tools for camp projects
  • Matches
  • Rope for making knots
  • Water coolers
  • Ice Chests to keep food cold overnight
  • Lanterns
  • Patrol cooking boxes
  • Stoves and liquid fuel
  • Cooking pots & pans
  • Spices
  • Dining flys
  • Emergency numbers for all parents
  • Cash box

High Adventure Packing List

High adventure programs at Medicine Mountain requires special equipment and/or supplies that youth and adult participants will need to bring. Use the table below to determine what additional equipment and/or gear will be needed.

Caving Backpacking Mountain Biking Rock Climbing ATV
High Adventure Waiver X X X X X
ATV Waiver X
Long Pants X (no jeans) X X X
Boots X X
Long-sleeve Shirt X
Backpacking Backpack X
Small Backpacking Tent X
Additional Waterbottle X X X X X
Wool or fleece hat X
Baseball cap or wide brim hat X
Rain pants X
Mess Kit – Portable X
Lip Balm X
Foot Powder X